Sky Tower

How it works

At Brisbane Skytower, your Body Corporate provide electricity and thermal services to connected customers. We work closely with the Body Corporate of your building to deliver energy to your apartment thanks to an embedded energy network that helps minimise rising energy prices.

The electricity you receive at Brisbane Skytower is no different to anywhere else. Electricity is generated by power stations connected to the grid and then distributed to Brisbane Skytower as it would be anywhere else.

Unlike a standard electricity connection, Brisbane Skytower has one large electricity meter connected to the distribution network called a “gate meter”. We receive electricity at the gate meter and pay Energex (via our electricity retailer) the cost of receiving electricity through the Energex distribution network. We then on-sell electricity throughout the building to customers who have chosen to buy electricity from us.

At Brisbane Skytower, you will also have an air conditioning system which will be billed through Flow Systems.

1 Household smart meters
Each apartment benefits from keener electricity tariff prices, and usage is measured via the smart meter.
2 Air conditioning
We chill the water centrally so your air conditioning system is more efficient.
3 Gate meter
We buy electricity in bulk from this point and pass on savings to each apartment.