Sky Tower


What is a private embedded network?

If you are living, buying or moving into Brisbane Skytower you are part of an exciting new approach to energy management. At Brisbane Skytower, you are part of an Embedded Electrical Network (EEN), sometimes called an embedded network, that helps minimise rising energy costs.

An Embedded Electrical Network is the infrastructure that allows electricity to be on-sold to apartments and allows such developments to leverage the volume of electricity they use to improve efficiencies and therefore lower costs for individual occupants.

Instead of individuals negotiating their contract with energy retailers, their purchasing power is combined to obtain significant discounts for their electricity.

Who can establish an embedded network?

Examples of buildings that may be approved to build an embedded network include:

  • Apartment Building
  • Retirement Villages
  • Shopping Centres
  • Educational Facilities
  • Housing Estates
  • Industrial and Commercial Estates and Complexes

What are the benefits of a private embedded network?

There may be considerable benefits to owners, managers and residents of sites in the form of cheaper electricity, smart and efficient infrastructures and opportunities to further reduce costs by introducing energy saving measures. Embedded Networks also minimise the impact of any future electricity price increases.


If your power is off and you have completed your application request before 2pm on a weekday, then your power will be reconnected the same day.

If your power is off and you have missed the 2pm deadline to set up your account, then your power will be reconnected the following day.

For safety reasons you need to ensure that someone over the age of 18 is home and that all your appliances are turned off, please also ensure that no one is working or doing any building or renovations or any electrical work on your property.

How is my daily energy use calculated?

This one is easy, we look at how much energy you have used between meter reads and device the amount by the number of days between reads, like this:

Total Energy / Total Days = Average Daily Use

I'm moving, what do I need to do?

If you are moving into the building, you will need to open an account with us as soon as possible, or you can speak to a retailer of your choice about opening an account.

If you are moving out of the building, you will need to let us know at least five days before you leave the property so that we can take a final meter read and close your account. You may receive a final bill for energy used up until you leave the property.

My energy bill is costing more than I expect, why?

Energy bills vary for many different reasons, such as:

  • Changes in weather with use of high powered devices such as heaters and air conditioners
  • Power hungry device uses such as electric ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and large fridge/freezers
  • The number of people staying in your home, if you’ve had guests your energy usage may have increased
  • If you receive energy concessions, note that some concessions are seasonal and apply only during certain months.

How do I pay my invoice?

Details of how to pay your invoice are included on the first page of your bill. We are always looking for new and easier ways for you to pay so don’t forget to check each bill for updates.

Your typical billing period is monthly however you will receive a bill at least every 90 days.

How much do I need to pay to become a customer?

We don’t charge any joining fees, although you may be charged a fee if we need to change your meter or disconnect/reconnect your power. Don’t worry; we will always tell you about if a fee needs to be paid before you commit.


What's estimated energy use?

If we are unable to read your meter, we may estimate your meter reading by looking at how you have used your electricity over the last 12 months. If we do estimate your bill, we will always try to check the estimate with an actual reading within 90 days.