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Customer Service

How to pay my account

You can pay your account in many ways:

  • Direct Debit - to pay by credit card or to arrange future automatic Direct Debit payments please contact Flow Systems on 1300 803 803
  • Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only, 1.32% Merchant Service Fee applies)
  • BPAY

If you have appointed a licensed property manager to manage your account, please provide their details. If your property manager is not licensed under Applicable Law or you do not have a management agency agreement in place, then you must set up a direct debit.


If you have a fault, please contact 1300 803 803 (24-hour line).

About Flow Systems

Flow Systems is the customer service and billing agent for the electricity services and thermal services you receive from:
for Downtown Apartments – the body corporate for Community Titles Scheme 50275; and
for Uptown Apartments – the body corporate for Community Titles Scheme 50847.

Life Support

Do you use equipment approved by the state or federal government as Life Support equipment? You can apply for a Life Support Rebate here. Note that Life Support Rebate applications are to be made directly to the QLD state government.

Medical cooling

If you are eligible for a medical cooling rebate you can apply here.


You may be entitled to concessions on your energy bill if you hold a Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care or Gold Card.

To find out more and to apply for an energy concession, please follow the link:

If you cannot afford to pay for your energy usage you may be covered by our hardship policy. For more information, please contact 1300 803 803.

Hardship policy

At Flow Systems Pty Ltd (As agent for The Body Corporate for Downtown Apartments Community Titles Scheme 50275), we understand that from time to time you may experience financial hardship and may need some additional assistance and flexibility. Our hardship program is designed to support you to manage your electricity or water use and costs.

What is hardship?

Flow Systems defines ‘hardship’ as a situation where a residential customer is willing to pay their bills but does not have the financial capacity to do so. If you are undergoing a sudden change in circumstance which has resulted in temporary financial difficulty, we can give you additional time to pay. If you are experiencing long-term hardship and are on a low and/or fixed income, such as a pension or an allowance, we will refer you to our Hardship Policy and offer assistance over a longer period.

Our Hardship Policy
Flow Systems approaches hardship with sensitivity and flexibility. We will treat you with empathy and respect. Our Hardship Policy applies to all eligible financial hardship residential customers.

Identifying hardship
If you are struggling financially, Flow Systems encourages you to contact us either personally or through a third party, such as a financial counsellor or a welfare agency. We understand you may feel uncomfortable discussing your financial problems.

Early response to hardship

If you have been identified as experiencing financial hardship, Flow Systems’ response is as follows:

You will be contacted by a customer service representative, who will review your billing and usage to date

The customer service representative will advise you of the following options:

  • payment plans;
  • applicable government grants;
  • Centrepay;
  • financial counsellors; and
  • efficiency information 

You will be sent an email if your application for our Hardship Program has been successful.

Payment plans
We will work with you to establish a payment plan that is flexible, affordable and sustainable. We will discuss all payment options, outlining their advantages and disadvantages, and allowing you to make an informed decision.

If you receive benefits or allowances from Centrelink, you are eligible to use Centrepay as a bill - paying service. Further information can be obtained from Centrelink at or by phoning 1800 050 004.

Late payment fees and security deposits
You will not be charged late payment fees, and security deposits will not be requested.

Exiting hardship plans
At the end of your hardship program, you will be returned to our normal billing cycle. You can choose to transfer out of your payment plan. If you fail to adhere to your payment plan agreement, you will be removed from the hardship program.

Financial counselling services
Financial counsellors can assist you to manage your finances more effectively and can represent you in discussions with Flow Systems. We can refer you to an accredited financial counselling agency which can provide their services at no cost to you.

Financial counsellors can contact Flow team directly on the contact details below.

Customers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
If you have difficulty understanding English, an interpreter service is available, at no cost to you, on 13 14 50.

Flow Systems’ status
Important Note: Flow Systems supplies electricity to retail and network services to residents as agent for the relevant building owner, such as the Body Corporate, stratum lot owner or otherwise. In those cases, all references to Flow Systems are to be read as references to it as agent for the relevant building owner.

Moving out

If you are moving out of the building, you can let us know at least five days before you leave the property so that we can take a final meter read and close your account. You may receive a final bill for energy used up until you exit the property.

You can contact us email us at or call 1300 803 803.


Making a complaint 

You may call us on 1300 806 806 or email us to notify us of any complaint in relation to our marketing or supply of energy to your supply address. We will endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.

Flow Systems is committed to treating complaints promptly, fairly, equitably, confidentially and professionally at no cost to the customer. Flow’s aim is to manage complaints such that they can support the constant improvement of our customer services.

If a customer has a complaint regarding any aspect of our services, the customer should contact us, and we will aim to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. Flow Systems welcomes customer and community feedback as it helps us to identify problems and improve our operations.

Flow Systems’ Customer Complaint Policy

We have an easy accessible complaints process in place should something go wrong. Please note that you also always have the option to contact the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) or Energy & Water Ombudsman QLD (EWOQ) at any time for independent advice and assistance. both organisation’s contact details are below. you may contact either the EWOQ on 1800 662 837 or the EWON on 1800 246 545.

The Energy Ombudsman
The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ) and the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) are free, fair and independent dispute resolution services for unresolved complaints with your electricity, gas or water supplier.

Before contacting EWOQ or EWOQ with a complaint, you must try to resolve the problem with your electricity company.

You can visit the EWOQ website here or the EWON website here.

Retailer of choice

Retailer Of Choice

Here at Brisbane Skytower community electricity, we are committed to providing you with the best available rates. We are also committed to providing you with a choice of alternative retailer, and you have the right to be supplied by a retailer of your choosing.

The Brisbane Skytower community electricity is exempt from holding retail authorisation and, as such, we are not subject to all of the conditions of retail energy law. We are obliged to provide a series of important consumer protections. See Retail Exemptions Document link included in your Welcome Email.

For further information to help you compare our retail offer to those available to you, please visit

Do I have to use my Body Corporate as my energy provider?

It’s not compulsory for you to purchase your electricity from your Body Corporate but you will still have to have an account with us to pay for Network charges on the account.

The Australian Energy Regulator requires that residents within an embedded network are entitled to source their electricity from a retailer of their choice. As such, you are entitled to seek quotations for the supply of electricity direct from any retailer. If you are able to secure a rate that you believe is better than the rates you are receiving as part of the embedded network, you can enter into a contract for supply with that retailer.

If you sign up to a new contract with an authorised retailer, and not your Body Corporate, you may be required to pay for the installation of a new electricity meter. There may also be a fee payable for ending a contract early with us. Information on exiting the current contract should be found in the electricity contract provided by us. Information on whether a customer of an exempt seller can have a new meter installed and the associated cost is available from their distributor or an authorised retailer.

Retail Exempt Selling Guideline

You can read the AER Retail Exempt Selling Guideline here.

Meter Installation Timeframes

Customer new connections or simple meter exchanges will be completed by a date agreed with the customer. If no timing can be agreed, then Flow will install the meter within six business days at a new connection, or within 15 business days if the customer has requested a simple meter exchange.

Planned Interruptions

Flow will engage with the customer in the first instance to find a suitable date or a date range for the works to proceed. If we are unable to contact the customer, then we will provide a minimum of four business days’ notice to the customer of the planned interruption. If you are a life support customer, we will not proceed with the planned interruption until we have received your consent.

Please note that the Electricity Supply Agreement and the Thermal Services Agreement terms have been amended to include Uptown Apartments and to effect some minor clarifications.

Brisbane Skytower Electricity Supply Agreement

Brisbane Skytower Thermal Services Agreement